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Cat Dozer rough grading site
Hydroseeding and sod swale
Hydroseeding shady areas

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Hydroseeding is a method of applying a slurry of seed onto a graded and prepared soil surface.  Water, mulch, fertilizer and seed are mixed together and sprayed onto a fine graded topsoil surface, typically, a minimum of ten cm. is required to yield optimum results.

For hydroseeding to be successful several factors must collectively merge.  Firstly, the area must be prepared properly with adequate finely graded topsoil, secondly, water.  Although seed does not require the saturation levels of sod, seed must receive frequent light amounts of moisture for germination.

Hydroseeding tends to be more cost effective than sodding providing the areas are large enough.  Applications typically range from country properties, parks, roadsides, slope erosion control, sports fields and high traffic areas.  Mixtures can be customized for each of these applications.  Drought tolerance, shade and wild flower mixtures can be tailored for those more challenging or unique areas.

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