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Oaks Paving Stone Walkway
Exposed Aggregate Concrete Paver Driveway Custom

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Walkways and driveways are an integral part of every well designed property.  Chris Bradley Landscape Group designs and builds custom walkways and driveways to create a welcoming sense of entrance to your home or business.

Chris Bradley Landscape’s experience with the many products available in today’s market place extends far beyond the typical. Often utilizing concrete unit pavers (paving stones) from industry leaders such as UNILOCK, OAK’S, PERMACON, and TECHO BLOC or combining several materials and techniques with other material options. These other material options may include natural stone products from OAKVILLE STONE or EBEL QUARRIES and or various concrete finishes. Preferred concrete options are exposed aggregate and broom finish concrete.

Designed to fit your property each material or combination of will create a unique style and curb appeal to be enjoyed for years to come. With over thirty years of experience in Landscape Architecture and Construction, Chris Bradley Landscape Group can design and build that walkway or driveway to fit your property.

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